Our animals free range on 30 acres of Orchard Grass with the beloved and magnificent, mini-donkey, Magnus.  


We do not administer antibiotics as a preventative measure. Sheep and lambs are only given antibiotics if absolutely necessary, and those that are treated are not processed for consumption.  We believe that allowing the livestock to free range in their natural environment with little interference from us makes for a stronger and healthier flock of both sheep and chickens.  

We allow the lambs to graze and nurse on their mothers and wean naturally, meaning we do not separate lambs from their mothers. Lambs have access to non-gmo and herbicide/pesticide free whole grains, should they choose to eat some. This method encourages the lambs to gradually wean themselves and reduces the stress on both lambs and ewes.  The grain (for both poultry and sheep) is purchased from another local farmer and is milled here in Ohio.  The grain is non-gmo and is herbicide and pesticide free.  


We believe in LOCAL, LOCAL, LOCAL. This limits our carbon footprint and allows us to support other local businesses and farmers.  The chickens and lambs are all processed at USDA inspected facilities located here in Ohio. The lambs are processed at Winners located in Osgood, Ohio and the poultry at Kings and Sons Poultry in Bradford, Ohio.  Both facilities are located within 1.5 hour drive from Oxford.  

The wool is processed into yarn at America's Natural Fiberworks, which is a short 17 minute drive from Oxford! 

All of our sheepskins are handmade, and tanned at the farm by Bethany, the head shepherdess. They are sourced from local farms here in Ohio, and will include our own sheep when they are available.



If you have any questions or would like additional information about our farming practices, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you.